Lori Poncsak

Contemporary Artist, Pasadena, CA

Lori Poncsak has been painting for more that 20 years, building a body of work based on her exploration of form and color.

“Painting to me is freedom.  Freedom to express emotion through color, light and line.  I am self taught. I paint with no expectations, borrowing from the previous layers until I feel satisfied with the results.” Lori



Lori’s Work

Featured Work

Lori Poncsak Painting Installation Hallway

Winter Forest

Hallway Installation

Painting in Bedroom

Golden Square

Bedroom Installation

Multi Panel Painting

Forest in Gold

Multi Panel Painting

Traditional Framed Painting

Emerald Flowers

Bedroom Installation

Artist Installation

Custom Installation on Site Available.
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Branford Stewart Galleries – Jun 2017

Lori’s first Gallery Event with several celebrities in attendance and several sales of her artwork.

Venice Beach Apartment- Sep 2017

Two Story installation of a 48 panel painting triangulated up a stairwell.

Talent Offices – May 2018

Loris Paintings are installed in the offices of a major Hollywood Talent agency.

The Wall of Art – Feb 2021

Large Multi Panel installation created on commission for a client in Southern California.

A New Era Begins – Mar 2022

Lori begins the work on her website to increase the reach of her art.


Pasadena, California

Open Hours

Wednesday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
Weekends: 10am – 9pm
Monday, Tuesday and Holidays: Closed